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    American wood stove heat now in Europe!

    The ELM stove from Vermont Iron Stove is a stove with decades of tradition. Its caloric values ​​insure a fast and even warmth. Its design is a myth and the elm is his trademark.

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The advantages of the Elm stove

Traditional cast iron, high-quality materials and modern technology insure an exceptionally efficient combustion and high heat dissipation.

modern stove technology


A refined air supply system insures clean and economical combustion. The window cleaning additionally insures a clear view of the blazing fire. Did you know that our "The Elm" has an outside air connection and therefore requires no more air? Especially important for modern houses for new energy standards.

wood stove with history


For decades, the residents of Vermont, across the U.S. and Canada are warming up with "The Elm" stoves. The stove’s performance and quick heat is appreciated in the mountains of Vermont.

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On request Details of the stove can be adjusted to your preferences. In addition to various finishes many more details are available according to your individual wishes.

efficient wood stove heating


Heating with wood is Co2-neutral and convenient. Firewood, unlike fossil fuels, is very price stable. Thus, it remains a cheaper alternative in the future.

Classic design with American history

Robust and heat saving cast iron in combination with steel and modern technology. The elm, marked as distinctive trademark by the blazing fire, makes the Elm stove special and unique. Whether very modern living spaces or traditional institutions - "The Elm" heats each room and is an absolute eye-catcher!

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Technical details

The solid cast iron front and cast iron back are connected by a steel body. This steel body contains the combustion technology, which insures that the oven heats your living space quickly, efficiently and cleanly. The modular construction provides a maintenance system so that you can replace elements of the furnace, quickly and easily.

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Wide range of models

There are three basic models, differing in the length of the steel body. The models are named after the maximum lengths of timber and the American tradition in inches (15", 18" and 24"). Depending on the model, wood billet from 33cm to 60cm fit into the combustion chamber. First you select the right size for your home and then you select your unique design. Here, you choose from four different finishes.

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unique benefits

In addition to the engaging story and the attractive design, the Vermont Iron Stove also offers further clever and efficient benefits. Especially the highly developed and patented combustion enhancement is unique. In addition to unique design there is a high-performance stove in your home.


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The stove with extensive history

"The Elm" by Vermont Iron Stove comes from the snow covered Vermont. Vermont has a long tradition of producing High-quality cast iron wood stoves.

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The oven with history.

"The Elm" from Vermont Iron Stove comes from the beautiful idyllic Vermont. Not far from the Canadian border in the northern forests of America, this furnace was designed in the early '70s in a competition. In this competition the best Vermont furnace manufacturers were announced. Three different wood stoves emerged at that time. Among those was the unique "The Elm". With this design, the success story began. Its barrel shape and the curved elm tree over the lens allowed it to become one of the favorite stoves of Vermont residents. There were numerous fans in Canada and other regions of the U.S. . Since the summer of 2013, the contact and cooperation with the factory in Vermont emerged. "The Elm" is now certified and distributed exclusively in Europe. The Pride and the Passion of the inventor can be felt in each oven!

The Vermont factory

In this factory, the first Elm stove was built by hand. After the design competition Vermont has become a success story in furnace designs. The business moved into the old factory building (see photo on the right) which is now abandoned. In the 70s the company experienced a tremendous growth, caused by the oil crisis. A large number of the stoves, manufactured in the early years, are still in operation. The solid cast and solid construction ensure that the stoves continue to deliver warmth even after several decades of heating!

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Do you want to know more about "THE ELM " and Vermont Iron Stove?

We will gladly answer all your questions. If your question was not answered with our current information, we invite you to contact us by phone (0541/40760497) or via eMail.

 Where can I buy it?

This stove is sold exclusively through speciality retailers. Our trained and competent regional partners advise you before, during and also after the purchase to all your questions. Thanks to this support, we make sure that the stove is safely and properly attached. Only a properly assembled and preset oven produces its full power. PS: Did you already know that an improperly installed stove can have a greatly increased consumption of wood!

 Size of logs

We offer 3 different versions of the Elm stove. The differences are the total lengths. The small version No.1 is designed for wood of about 33cm. The medium model No.2 takes logs up to 50cm. The largest version, the No.3, offers the possibility to burn logs up to 60cm.


Please contact us about shows in your area. We will be happy to send you up to a suitable partner in your region.

 Becoming trading partner

We are constantly looking for new and interested partners for our products. This unique product offers for your assortment a nice change and a visual feast in your exhibition. Visit us at our location in Osnabrück and start the cooperation with us in the pleasant warmth of the Elm stove. We cordially invite you!

 I love the Stove!

„The Elm stove has thousands of happy owners all over the U.S. People use them to heat their homes, cabins, and work shops. They find it easy to replace parts to keep the stoves in use, even after 20-30 years. We hope you will enjoy the ease of operation and reliable heat the Elm stoves provide." Steve Stove

 Vermont Iron Stove

The Company Vermont Iron Stove Europe is a young company, that was created on the basis of a cooperation with the U.S. Vermont Iron Stove company. As a professional manufacture, development and distribution partner we deal with the Elm stove. The passion and uniqueness of the oven gives us joy every day at work.